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  R Lowndes


250 XL Piece

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250 XL Piece Jigsaws perfect to keep your brain active but not too many pieces!
The Extra Large Pieces are a great idea.

Scroll down to see a variety of Regular piece 250 Jigsaw Puzzles

All Jigsaws subject to availability
Please contact us to find out more, during this current time while the shop is closed please contact Anne on 07949639293

Five Little Ducks

Steep Hill - Lincoln
Milk on The Move
Padstow in Winter

Summer by the Stream

Wisteria Wedding
Going Once Going Twice
250 Regular Piece Jigsaws 
"Looking for a shed?" the salesman asked.
"After a Fashion." Said George.
"We're looking for mt dad, and we think he's probably in one of them."

Join Julian, George, Dick, Anne & Timmy the dog as they take Uncle Quentin to Garden Universe.
Things go wrong when Quentin wanders off,
Can the interpid friends find him before Shed World Closes?
Help them by completing this tricky 250 Piece jigsaw!

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